Maison Pointu was founded in San Francisco by Charlotte Ravouna, a designer from Paris and a Mom of one.

The mission of Pointu is to provide modern parents with a chic, new option for dressing their children.

We believe in beautiful materials and are convinced of the importance of every little detail. We believe that baby clothes are a special gift that can last forever, passed on through generations. We believe in making products as sustainably as possible, by using organic fabrics when we can and limiting quantities to avoid waste. We produce everything with local factories here in the San Francisco Bay area.


Oh! And why Pointu*?

Pointu is a fishing boat in the South of France. Charlotte's dad is a big fan of it and one day he bought all the domain names he could on the Internet! Silly story but true, we decided that it was a really cool name.

* Pointu also means "refined" and "sharp" in French



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